Laura Unbehauen, pianotuner

Northern California


Give your ears a treat...

Tu Ning Laura thou shalt meet!

Pitchrasing and fine tuning a Weinbach grand piano at Hartland Music.

Dear piano friend and valued client,

Being a piano tuner/technician is a wonderful
experience. You get to travel, troubleshoot problems,
and meet lots of interesting people!!

When I was bitten by the "piano bug" twenty years ago,
I first joined the Piano Technicians Guild, then
apprenticed with two wonderful, knowledgeable piano
technicians, George Schreiber, RPT, and Richard
Kingsbury, RPT.

I also received training from Randy Potter, RPT,
through the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.

Along the way, I spent several years working with
Arnold Neuhaus, rebuilding player pianos. So I'm
quite familiar with player pianos as well as
older/vintage pianos.

I also worked for Bradford Pianos, and have been
tuning pianos for Hartland Music
( since 1999. I work with
vintage, as well as new pianos such as Young Chang,
Pearl River, Petrof, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin,
Boesendorfer, etc.

I provide tuning, and technical services for clients
in Northern Californa: Amador, Calaveras, San Joaquin and Tuolumne.

I tune for concerts, recording sessions, churches,
teaching studios, and private homes.

Some of the services I provide include tuning,
voicing, repairs, action regulation, installation of
climate control systems, used/new piano sales, and

Neglecting your piano is more costly in the long run.
It's easier on your wallet, better for your ears, and
beneficial for your piano if you tune, and maintain it
on a regular basis.

As George Schreiber used to say "It costs nothing to
ask questions". Feel free to contact me if you need
your piano serviced, or if you have any questions
about pianos.

Friendly, personalized service continues to be my primary goal.

Laura TuNing Unbehauen

e-mail: plaidpiano2ner(at)

phone: 209-601-2676

Tuning a Young Chang vertical at a client's home.

Voicing a Mason & Hamlin model A grand in a client's home.

tuning, voicing, regulating