Hohner Wiener Zweireiher BbEb-Stimmung, 20er Jahre

Hohner Vienna style two row accordion, twenties

Ein altes Foto von Laura mit einer Hohner Club I

Hohner Club I, BbEb-Stimmung, Schweizer Club Harmonika mit Gleichton und mit 2 Hilfstasten

Hohner Club I, swiss style Club accordion with "Gleichton" and two auxilary keys, BbEb tuning

Hohner Club III M, CF-Stimmung, Schweizer Club Harmonika mit Gleichton und mit 7 Hilfstasten

Hohner Club III M, swiss style Club accordion with "Gleichton" and 7 auxilary keys - CF tuning


Diatonic╩button accordion, or as we call them in England a melodeon╩(one note on pull another on push for same button like a mouth organ or harmonica). Made in the old communist East Germany (DDR). This is a Meteor Model╩ and was in many ways like a Hohner from West Germany and well engineered but they never had the reputation of the Hohners. They are now being recognized as good value older instruments and have a historical value after the unification of Germany once again.╩Probably dates from 1970s .

My first melodeon was a similar one which my Dad brought back in mistake for a concertina╩ when he went on a trades union conference in the 60s. That led me to playing folk music, ╩morris and Irish tunes and a range of squeezebox styles over the years. That box is still going strong after a range of owners. The raised plastic lettering -Meteor -╩was damaged and removed and left an impression on the front╩near the fingerboard. I have ╩left it for the winner to decide on what╩to do, I was going to rub the old glue off and laquer it with red nail varnish which is the best match for the red perloid lacquer.

This squeezebox is a╩nice ╩light ( 2.3 kg) instrument in good condition . 11" wide , 10" deep, 6" from front to back╩.It has been little played and╩is clean and was kept dry.╩The original╩ steel reeds are clean and all sound. 2 per note giving a slight tremolo effect. Outer row in C and inner in F good singing keys. The metal corners of the bellows and the grille are chrome steel and not oxidised .. The buttons are white plastic and the fingerboard is black plastic with no cracks.╩No brackets, no╩case, nice real brown leather wrist and bellows straps and thumbstrap. ╩

The body is very well made of light wood with a red perloid finish .╩The bellows are original and very good .They╩took╩a long ╩to descend under their own weight when the melodeon╩was held verically with the air button closed . All notes are OK by my electronic tuner. ╩The╩8 bass buutons give notes and chords to go with C and F melodies . The left hand side gives the "oompah" which , when you have coordinated both hands and the push pull of the bellows, gives you an all round instrument. The inside mechanisms are robust and all work well and are easily accessible for maintenance work and inspection using normal tools and this would be a good instrument to learn about the intricacies of "Zen and the Art of Melodeon Maintenance".

Mike Wild, Sheffield, UK



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